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Rueda move:


Rueda Sign:

Wave backwards.

Eight Counts:



Dame Una


Dame is a basic move in casino style rueda which purpose is to switch a girl or a boy. Many variations use a Dame in the end to switch a girl and some moves called festivals are using it after each variation to make lots of switches. There are many ways to make a dame more interesting (some of them are even used more commonly than the regular Dame itself) such as: Clapping during the Dame, Switching more than one partner, , shouting something weird and more.
The Steps:
1.On the 1,2,3,4,5 beats a regular Guapea steps are performed.
2. On 6 the boys push the girl a bit stronger than usual the sign she should turn away from them.
3. On 7 both partners move the next foot (boys with right, girls with left) backwards facing backwards as well to the next partner. Simultaneously both partners stop the left-right hand grip to completely separate each other.
After the Dame there are a lot of possible moves can be called but unless nothing is called the partners should perform a Dile Que No.