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Variations update!
Hey there salsa folk,

Still a long time since last update, I should work on it tongue

I've added three variations which became a bit more popular since the Salsa Lust was first launched:
Bayamo por Abajo

Also, I added a lot of videos from Salsa4Water which made a lot of well produced videos. So a big shout to these guys.

Also!...lot's of little fixes and additions in variations names descriptions and the like that I just dare you to try and find.

Finally, I'd like to thank to our "weekly" contributors since last update: Jeff Link, Branko Ristovski Bane, Elad alfandary.

Till next time :)
Posted on 23 Jun 2014 by Ido Flaishon
Rueda de Casino flow chart
Hey there,

I've added up an editorial section. I will upload there worth while posts. Currently the first entry is "Rueda de Casino flow chart". It's very recommended for beginners as it can give some structure to what first seems chaotic. But I'm sure advanced dancers will find it interesting as well.

In the near future I'll upload some of the best posts of Che's Music Blog.

If you think you've got something good to write about then you are welcome to contact me.

As always I thank recent contributes: Costa Shul for the wonderful post, and Benedek Thaler.

In the meanwhile, happy dancing everyone!
Posted on 01 Feb 2014 by Ido Flaishon
Variation Update!!!
Hey guys and gals,

It's been a long time since the last update, but here you go...a variation update, 2 new Rueda moves, and one master move.

Enchufla con Cuba
Carnaval Complicado

Thanks for the contributors since the past update: Guillaume Brunerie, Yossi Margoninsky and Bibhas

Till next time! laughing
Posted on 15 Oct 2013 by Ido Flaishon
Description update (including Dip)
I dedicated this description update mostly to some basic moves but also to the very common Dip that a lot of us perform lacking the right technique. So I advise to give a quick look there even if you are veteran, you'll might find a useful tip.

So, here are the four new descriptions:
Hombres El Centro
Principe Malo
Principe Bueno

I'd like to thank our latest contributor Chris Sears.

Cheers :)
Posted on 29 Apr 2013 by Ido Flaishon

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